Dingli is a village on the west coast of Malta, with a population of around 3,326 persons, 13 kilometers from the capital Valletta and two kilometers from the nearest city, Rabat. The village lies on a plateau some 250 metres above sea level, which is the highest point of Malta. The area provides not only open sea views over the tiny, uninhabited isle of Filfla, but also an excellent vantage point over Malta.

From the cliffs there are views inland of nearby Buskett Gardens and Verdala Palace. The countryside here is ideal for walking.

Dingli is a locality near the sea and is full of cultivated fields, but at the same time stands imposingly very high above the sea. The cliffs reach a height of around 300 metres – the highest place in Malta. Thus the inhabitants do not earn their living by going fishing, but by assiduously tilling their fields. Even if they never became very rich, at least they could earn their living by means of husbandry and also from the produce of the fields.

The Dingli Cliffs, in harder times than at present, were also sometimes beneficial. Century’s age, Malta was frequently devastated by sea pirates who wreaked havoc everywhere. Many people were robbed, carried away as slaves, or killed straight away.